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100 years of Scouting in Australia


With a proud history of scouting spanning back to 1908, the 1st Mosman Scouts are about helping young people become caring and responsible young adults. We have a range of scout groups open to different ages and abilities.

1st Mosman 1908 History

Our focus is firmly on the future – equipping young people with skills that will help them to become responsible leaders.  For more detailed information please reference our working documents:

2018 Group Action Plan


2018 Scouts Report

2018 Venturer report

Group Leader Report




2018 Committee


Cub Scouts (8-10 years)


For our Cub Scouts, it’s all about learning and having fun. Cubs try out a range of outdoor activities, including camping, bushwalks, sailing, and canoeing. They also begin to learn the basic skills every good Scout knows by heart – tying knots, readings maps and using a compass.

Scouts (11-14 years)


Our fully-fledged Scouts embark on a more challenging series of learning experiences to help them grow as adolescents – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting, too. Scouts get taught a bunch of practical skills, including building rope bridges, administering first aid, water safety, and bush navigation.

Venturer Scouts (15-17 years)


Our Venturer Scouts can undertake a variety of activities designed to develop confidence, independence and teamwork skills. Venturers undertake service projects to help the community, and also participate in a variety of activities independently and in groups – including rock climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking.

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